What does Origin Green membership mean for Riverview?

Coming from a farming background and being rooted in the land, sustainability has always been at the core of the Kelleher family and in turn Riverview, but this was never formally documented, as, all along there was no scheme in which to report. Now through the Origin Green initiative we have formalized these activities to show our past track record and to demonstrate our commitment to the future” says D.J Kelleher, Managing Director.

This view makes Riverview a natural fit with Bord Bia’s Origin Green programme and its sustainability charter, which recognises the challenges businesses face in meeting environmental challenges while controlling costs.

Riverview is at all times committed to driving costs from our business, while at the same time ensuring our commitment to sustainability” says D.J Kelleher,

Under a five-year plan submitted as part of the Origin Green membership process, Riverview has set targets for energy use, waste, transport emissions, water, and social responsibility.

Under its Origin Green plan, Riverview commits to:

  • Continue to meet Bord Bia SEAS, BRC and EU regulations for quality
  • Improve standards with internal audit procedures
  • Reduce energy consumption, through best practices and training
  • Investigate the potential of wind-powered electricity
  • To reduce fuel usage on our distribution of eggs
  • Reduce waste to 0.57 grammes per egg packed (versus 0.67 in 2012)
  • Continue to support charities and community organisations – SVP, Cork Penny Dinners, Cork Simon Community, Watergrasshill F.C etc.
  • Riverview connection to our consumers through our social media pages. It is important that our retailers and consumers see that we are here to promote healthy living through promoting health and versatile meal options
  • In 2020, in a reaction to Covid-19, Riverview launched “Get Cracking With Eggs” recipe series – which was widely received, to great acclaim –
  • Introduce at least one new employee welfare initiative per year (bike to work / healthy canteen options / staff medicals / Training etc.) and support at least one local event each year for the next five years. Here Riverview will support Cor Geal choir
  • Ensure the best quality water supply to the Riverview facility through a UV filtration system and water-quality testing

Origin Green membership will help Riverview to build stronger relationships with our customers, our employees and the local community – all of which are central to our family business and Kelleher family values”.

Origin Green Logo

Leading Role:

Riverview played an integral part in the creation of Bord Bia’s Egg Quality Assurance Scheme in 2006, and all its eggs are approved under the scheme. All Riverview farms are audited monthly to ensure full compliance with health and safety standards.

Riverview was the first egg packer in Ireland to achieve the British Retail Consortium (BRC) Global Food Standard – which is recognised as the foremost accreditation for quality control and safety in the food industry. Riverview continues to retain a Grade AA status with BRC.

Animal Welfare & Traceability:

Riverview and its producers continue to grow and re-invest on our farms, to ensure we provide the highest quality of welfare and care for our birds. In addition, a new coding and stock control system developed by Riverview and GS1 has been introduced to ensure 100% egg traceability.

Carbon Footprint:

The company has made investments to gain efficiencies in fuel consumption and in the packing process. For example, a new shrink-wrapping machine uses 50% less energy and 50% less plastic wrap film than the machine it replaced. New trucks were purchased in 2018, which were more fuel efficient.

In addition, poultry manure on the farms is now stored and dried to ensure best practices when applied to the land. This dried manure is in high demand by local farmers, as it reduces the levels of artificial fertilizer required on farms.

Social Sustainability:

Riverview has always been involved in community-based sports and social organisations such as the GAA, F.A and local rugby, as well as Cor Geal Choir.

Over the years, it has also helped charities such as St. Vincent de Paul, Cork Penny Dinners, Cork Simon Community and Cork Outreach (a drugs and alcohol rehab programme) by providing free eggs, each and every week of the year, as well as diet consultants, chef training and fitness advice etc.