About Us

Today, Riverview Eggs remains a family run business. Dan Joe and Margaret’s son, D.J. is the Managing Director and their daughter Mary is the Financial Controller.

We provide employment in the local area for approximately 24 people, and a further 40 on production farms. Thanks to the business from the major retailers we are continuing with an ongoing major investment programme to increase our flock size and provide the best quality housing and care for our birds. Over the years the Kelleher family have developed a full range of products including Free Range, Organic, Omega Enriched and Commercial eggs at competitive prices. All eggs produced for Riverview Eggs are produced to the very high EQAS and BRC standards. All production farms are family owned and operated as part of a family farm unit, which ensures the strictest controls and more “hands on” running of the farms. The production of eggs is taken very personally by all our producers, to ensure the best quality eggs at all times.

Because of our core family values, Riverview Eggs and the Kelleher family are passionate about providing the best possible produce at all times.

Our Farmers